Transfer Point and Archaeo-Park Area Yenikapı, İstanbul (TR)

Mecanoo Architecten, in co-operation with Cafer Bozkurt Architecture, designed the new gateway which will be a vital strategic intersection point handling 1.7 million people on a daily basis. Sitting on top of excavations that have changed the known history of Ancient Istanbul as an urban centre Yenikapı will also host an Archaeo-Park with a museum and city archaeology archive. This park forms the heart of a series of public spaces that offer a range of atmospheres and much needed green space on the Peninsula. Historical elements that have become endangered by recent development, such as the ancient harbour walls, the Langa Bostanı and the Yalı neighboorhood, have been revived and define the spatial framework for future development. Kerem Masaraci

Construction usable space of 43.000m²

Shared 1st Prize

Not built