Frölunda Park Sandstenen, Gothenburg (S)

Frölunda Park is the name of a new residential area that real estate company Balder is creating in West Frölunda Gothenburg. The ambition is to create an urban density in the area around Lergöksgatan with total 550 new apartments, commercial areas, modernize existing green areas, renovate the Stjärnhusen (starhouses).
The project is divided into four phases where White Arkitekter has the assignment to create new tenant-owned apartments. The first phase including the new red iconic residential tower Sjöstjärnen and Strandsnäckan have been completed, The third and fourth phases along the Speldosegatan were part of the last assignment and are expected to be completed by 2024.

Vizualisations: White arkitekter/ Balder

In the phases III and IV we have designed 350 apartments in various sizes along the Speldosegatan, on plots which today are mainly used as parking spaces. The building outlines and heights where already defined by the master plan made by White arkitekter in a previous assignment. Within the given max GFA it was extremely important for the client to have anefficient NIA/GFA ratio, which we have achieved with a value of 0,78.
A challenge was to solve the restrictions in apartment sizes when it comes to creating rooms towards the west side. Here the noise pollution facing the highway was too high and according the Swedish regulations the maximum apartment size could only be 35m² or if larger, have more than 50% of the rooms opening towards the quieter garden.

The typical flat has a living room opening to both sides where one side would include the open living kitchen. The idea is to have a space which is sufficiently daylit during different times of the day. From here one has access to the bedrooms.