Kite Loft Köln, Cologne (D)

The new office building is located in the outskirts of Cologne and is the last phase of the previously by HPP designed Kite A, B, C buildings. The task was to design a fully flexible and future proof office building with co-working spaces and a cafe on the ground floor with a total of 5.500m² rentable space. Since a certain tender was not available during the planning phase in 2020 the team created together with the interior design architect HWKN from New York a shell and a lobby/ co-working space with a welcoming and warm design according the new “Spirit Offices” principles developed by the investor Landmarken. An interior grid of 1,35m allows the
future tender to create different office layouts according their specific needs. From 1 person focus room till large team rooms, everything is possible. With only one central “security” staircase we are able fullfill the German fire safety regulations. A large open roof terrace on the 5th floor allows the tender furthemore to use the outer space for different activities.

Renderings: HH Vision